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Cornejo | Day Funeral Home & Crematory is family owned & operated.

In April of 1999, the business began with the opening of a custom built funeral home in Wellington, Kansas. Since then Bryce Day and Tytus L. Cornejo have been priviliged to serve hundreds of wonderful families in Wellington and the surrounding communities. We view you and your loved one as an important part of the history that makes us who we are today.

Our history includes the fact that our owners were born and raised, right here, in Wellington, Kansas. This gives us an uniquely vested interest in our community simply because it has been "home" all of our lives. Because this is our hometown, we feel deeply committed to each of our community members and not only desire to provide a service but to build a lasting relationship.

Another important facet of our history is that we always strive to provide highly personalized services at an affordable price. We realize that what is affordable to one family may not be affordable to others. With this in mind, we make it a point to provide options to every family regardless of their financial means.

Our history is what makes us who we are and at Cornejo | Day Funeral Home & Crematory we are lifelong community members that value your relationship and trust.